How to update the firmware on the TP Link WiFi Router?

TP Link WiFi Router


For the utmost part, you can actually assign your Firmware to be on an automatic update. still if you missed this setting in your first time of setup, or you deliberately didn't appoint an automatic update, it doesn't count. Then you'll find the stylish companion that will help you with the tp link router firmware update. 

 First and foremost, you have to download the rearmost firmware train for your Tp Link router model from the sanctioned Tp Link download center website. To know the model of your router, you can check the sticker on your router or you can login to your Tp Link admin runner to see it. 

 Check to see that the firmware train that you have downloaded is in an unbolted format.However, you should unfold it before saving it to your original storehouse, If else. 

Next, login to your Tp Link admin router runner. Type in into the we blink bar of your cyber surfer and type in the login details. also click on “ Login ”. still, also you can continue to the coming step, If you have preliminary logged in to check your router’s model. 

  •  Navigate to the “ mileage ” tab. And under that tab, elect “ System Tools ”. 
  •  latterly, elect “ Firmware Upgrade ”. Or in some cases, elect “ Firmware ” 
  •  Next, you have to click on “ Browse or choose train ”. This will show your original storehouse. 
  • From your computer, elect the firmware train that you have downloaded and click on the “ Open ” button 
  •  You'll see the train appear on your “ Browse ” field. 
  •  subsequently, click on “ Upgrade ”. 
  •  stay for a many twinkles for the update to take its full course. When it's done, the Tp Link router will renew by itself. 

How to confirm tp link router firmware update 

After you have successfully streamlined the firmware of your Tp Link router, you can go ahead to check if the upgrade is now effective. It's also advised that you can reboot your Tp Link router again after the update and automatic reboot is done. This will insure that no train from the former firmware is still in the router’s memory. So to confirm the current status of your firmware, follow the tips below. 
  • While you are still logged in, navigate to the status bar and select “Status”. 
  • Next, doing firmware updates for some routers will restore the router back to factory reset. What you can do at this point is to configure your router and Tp Link network again. 
  • Select “Quick Setup”. The Tp Link Setup Wizard will walk you through the rest of the setup. 
  • Finally, to continue with the setup, click on “Next”. If otherwise, click on “Exit”. 


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